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Chiefs Derrick Johnson Achilles Tendon Rupture

An Achilles tendon rupture will end Derrick Johnson's 2016-17 football season. When a competitive athlete suffers an achilles tendon rupture, the surgical procedure is to reapproximate and suture back together. Think of the sides looking similar to mop strings. Non absorbable sutures are used to pull the two ends together through a long incision or percutaneously. The patient is then non weight bearing for minimum 2-3 weeks then transferred to partial weightbearing in a walking boot for an additional 5 to 6 weeks. He will require physical therapy and most likely return after 3 months. Surgeon's post operative protocols may vary slightly, however the tendon will need time to heal before returning to football. 
"In a meta-analysis of 14 Randomized Control Trials, Khan, et al., evaluated treatment options for acute Achilles ruptures. This meta-analysis included four RCTs that compared surgical to conservative treatment in 356 patients. The authors concluded that surgical repair significantly decreased the risk of re-rupture (3.5 percent with surgery vs. 12.6 percent with non-operative treatment). However, the authors also found that surgery significantly increased the risk of other complications related to adhesion, infection and disturbed sensation (34 percent with surgery versus 2.7 percent with non-operative treatment)."
Wishing Derrick Johnson a speedy recovery!


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