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An Achilles tendon rupture will end Derrick Johnson's 2016-17 football season. When a competitive athlete suffers an achilles tendon rupture, the surgical procedure is to reapproximate and suture back together. Think of the sides looking similar to mop strings. Non absorbable sutures are used to pull the two ends together through a long incision or percutaneously. The patient is then non weight bearing for minimum 2-3 weeks then transferred to partial weightbearing in a walking boot for an additional 5 to 6 weeks. He will require physical therapy and most likely return after 3 months. Surgeon's post operative protocols may vary slightly, however the tendon will need time to heal before returning to football. 
"In a meta-analysis of 14 Randomized Control Trials, Khan, et al., evaluated treatment options for acute Achilles ruptures. This meta-analysis included four RCTs that compared surgical to conservative treatment in 356 patients. The authors concluded that surgical repair significantly decreased the risk of re-rupture (3.5 percent with surgery vs. 12.6 percent with non-operative treatment). However, the authors also found that surgery significantly increased the risk of other complications related to adhesion, infection and disturbed sensation (34 percent with surgery versus 2.7 percent with non-operative treatment)."
Wishing Derrick Johnson a speedy recovery!…/derrick-johnson-injury-…/95174052/

Are your painful feet prevening you from living a healthy, active life style?  

"According to a 2014 survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 39 percent of American adults said they would exercise more if their feet didn't hurt. With this in mind, APMA has announced a new campaign for Foot Health Awareness Month called "Today's Podiatrist Keeps America Walking," which will reach all adults who are active or wish to be active to educate them about the importance of foot and ankle health to a healthy lifestyle, and a podiatrist's critical role in helping treat and prevent foot and ankle injuries."

Common foot and ankle ailments include acute heel pain (plantar fasciitis), foot or ankle tendonitis, or bunion and/or hammer toe deformities.  Some conditions can be treated conservatively with shoe gear modifications and custom foot orthoses to improve the biomechanics of your foot.  Custom foot orthoses are fabricated from a mold/cast of your foot and help support your foot when standing, walking, exercising.  Many insurance plans cover the cost of custom foot orthoses, which last 5-10 years depending on activity.  When conservative treatment fails, then surgical intervention may be the appropriate treatment. The amount of recovery time varies depending on the deformity and procedure performed but can range from 4-12 weeks.  

Podiatry specializes in foot and ankle care and our main goal is to get you back into your daily activities.  So if you are wincing with pain when you take that first step in the morning.  Suffer no more! Make an appointment with your local podiatrist today!

Chiefs fans watching the game against the Patriots? The announcers are discussing Julian Edelman wearing custom foot orthoses for his foot injury. He sustained a Jones fracture on November 15, which is very common in both athletes and the general population. When a fracture has its own name, you know it is common.
How do you diagnose and treat a Jones fracture? On clinical exam, patient will have pain and swelling to the outside of the foot. A Jones fracture is diagnosed after confirmation with an X-ray of the foot. It can be a devestating injury and season-ender for an athlete. Treatment consists of conservative therapy of non or limited weightbearing, meaning you are using crutches and/or in a walking boot. The fracture itself takes longer to heal without surgery because it is in an area of the bone that doesn't have the best blood supply. Normal fractures take 6-8 weeks to heal, whereas a Jones fracture can take 3 months or greater.
If conservative therapy is decided between you and your doctor, many private insurances will approve and pay for a bone stimulator to assist in fracture healing. Active and healthy patients may choose to have surgery to decrease recovery time to the normal 6-8 weeks. Surgery is performed as an outpatient. There are multiple ways to fixate this fracture, however the most common way is with an intramedullary screw. This means a large screw is placed from the base of the bone up through the center of the bone to compress the two fragments.
After recovery from a Jones fracture, patients normally do well long term with a custom foot orthotic to prevent reinjury. A custom foot orthotic is fabricated from a cast of your foot and slides in and out of your shoes. Your local podiatrist will make the necessary adjustments based on the biomechanics of your foot to your orthotic device.
In the end Julian Edelman must be feeling some pain out there on the field....As a chiefs fan, I'm hoping he gets fewer yards and maybe gives up the ball for an interception.